20th April 2008.

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April 2008

January 2013.


After discovering the location for some new trails / pumptrack, I started the original Digmore BlogSpot back in Spring 2008 purely to act as some kind of diary of the activities at the spot that would become known as the pumptrack or pumpy. Digmore the blog just hung off the back of the spot. As the pumptrack, trails and most importantly, the scene developed and solidified there must have been an undefinable point Digmore became more than a blog or a spot, but a name that became a moniker for a close knit group of friends that were involved in a larger trails scene.
There came the almost inevitable point when the ‘originals’, the guys who had practically lived at the trails for 2 – 3 years had started to move away or had started having kids, the Pumptrack was becoming harder to manage and keep in order or whatever the reason was we threw one last massive ‘Goodbye the Pumpy’ bonfire party, picked up the shovels and abandoned the spot.
The guys remaining in Bristol, myself included, started chipping in at Vinewood, it was around that time, possibly slightly earlier, we amalgamated the two blogs, Digmore and Dig for Victory under the title of Digmore For Victory. Clever huh? Maybe it was a subliminal tactic to extend the life or at least breath some life back into the dwindling Digmore site but the continuing contributions really kept alive a blog that would have run out of steam a long time ago.
But alas, the time to travel up to Vinewood to help out and the increasing pressures on my time (that getting into my late 20’s has inexorably brought) seemed to always be prohibitive against getting really stuck into helping out at Vinewood. Possibly I had been spoilt by having the Pumptrack on my doorstep, but the motivation had dropped off and I began digging less and less. Briefly revived by the new efforts started to get old pumptrack up and running again, I just couldn’t get myself excited by digging or BMX in general. Maybe the Pumptrack has too many memories or ghosts for me to be able to commit to digging down there again, maybe it just didn’t feel right, I never could put my finger on it. The love had gone, I suppose.
However by the end of 2012, for me, things have turned a corner again. Work has allowed us to dig trails on some scrap land round the back of the warehouse and the creative juices are flowing again, creating a spot on a blank canvas I am getting falling back in love with it all over again.

And so to the crux of this post, the Digmore Blog.

After numerous discussions with the ‘original’ Digmore crew, the decision has been reached to bring an end to posting on the Digmore4victory. I know on the face of it this decision maybe seem somewhat petty or bitter but I can ensure it isn’t.
It is to do with preserving a unique name against a unique period of time. A period of time during which I was actually aware I was enjoying what may prove to be among some of the happiest times in my life.
I hold nothing against anyone who is or has EVER been involved in Digmore or the pumptrack because each and every person in some way left their mark upon the legacy of Digmore and in turn Digmore left it’s mark upon them. I have met the closets friends through Digmore. I owe my job to Digmore. I have enjoyed so many good times, trips and experiences because of Digmore, anyone who was at the pumptrack during that 2 -3 year period will know what I am talking about.
History is littered with examples of great things, ideas and projects taken to far, pushed in directions never intended and the result is always negative.

I want to draw a line in the sand after Digmore now with new beginnings for us all. See you at the jumps.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

Digmore Forever.


Ongoing Links

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Vinewood and the Pumptrack


Daily Trails News


signing out.

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i will no longer be posting on this blog, all will be revealed soon.


if you want to get inspired and motivated by the same crew of people head on over to DIGFOURVICTORY for all the UK trail goodness you heart and soul desires!


digmore forever x



sorry mate your tea bag split

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and he still drank it like a champ! fair do’s pitty! its how they used to do it though i spose. heres a shocking fact for you:

ive never had a “proper” cup of tea. aka not a teabag, aka the real deal steve geall. need to nail that one in the bag pretty soon, not geall, a proper brew! then i can combine the two and drink a perfect cuppa whilst watching the master blast a tabe over a big set.

this weekends been crazy productive! im listening to breakestra now, ads has a good mix tape of it, reminds me of the sprung videos. off the tit! we shifted ass and a whole lotta dirt over the weekend.

everything in shooters up to the last set is DONE. hollllllaayyyyyyyeaahh. rollercoaster? DONE! with the exception of making pg tips landing 2ft taller (maximum roast please) lunar bro.

massive shout to dan, jordan, pitty, charlie, bill, dan, freddy. dave, and mill for this weekends work even tho some of you were late hahahaha.

the youth & co packed in burt landing cos my fingers are funked from yesters slapping session. and DAMN did they do a good job.

spring is so close i can smell it, those lil green shoots of goodness popping up everywhere, turning the woods from a barren canvas into a dreamy masterpiece.

heres the pictures to prove we are having  a rad time and this summer will blow your nuts off.


digmore for victory. from boys to MEN.





arthritis fingers

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hell to the yeah! today was good.

some bad vibes going around in my life over the past few days, but its in the past now. and i headed up the woods to clear my head and slay the spade. and that we did.

i walked to the woods across fields of nothing but pure un adulterated sunshine and blue skies. sweeeeet.

throughout the day dudes turned up, hung out, made brews, and bossed out alot of work. im not kidding when i say many hands make light work; shooters is nearly finished. i have one more jump to clay and its done! wtf!

which brings the list down to:

bring intimidator back from the dead

build up eliminator landing

2nd step up lip taller.

3rd set landing taller. (1ft.)

finish burt reynolds landing

repair collapsed lip. (pgtips)

clay tetley hip

dial destroyer landing.

thats like 3-4 days work maybe!



then theres all the clearing up to do, raking paths, untarping come spring and dialing all the stuff. its not gonna be a easy task by myself so i need everyone whos helped oput his winter to get on the steeds and come dial and ride stuff in! literally weeks away if the last two years are anything to go by!

more dialing tomoz. finish off the last set! booyaaaa



lots of photos of the same thing

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this fella should be a good time! landng before needs to go up a lil but not alot of work.

pretty pumped. this is the last set in shooters that i planned to stack. a berm would be rad after it or another set… but ve got to get down the field soon and start sorting that out. im hoping the lads over there will take on everything i show them and do it themselves, then i can tweak stuff to dial it in. theres about 6 things left to do up at the woods, yea i made a list hahah. 7 days of work if im flying solo, less if i got some powaaaaaaaaaah. im super looking foprward to this year as there will be “locals” all the time im looking forward to watching the youth progress and shred everything (no pressure boys hahah)

im also investing a large chunk of cheese into a video camera and am going to smash the shit out of this uk trails dvd/bluray; “digmore for victory- army of the earth” (title subject to change hahha) so im stoked on that.

heres some 90 right hip porn for you. ohh boyyy im gonna roast some tabes on this soooooooo hardddd.



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oh snow he didnt

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ive thawed about this post long and hard… ho ho hooooo

so it actually happened. we got snow. i was pissed, but then i went sledging and got stoked. everything is tarped so should be o-k. well have to wait and see the damage. coffee granule shittyness may ensue !

england came ta minor standstill, as with any bit of weather thats out of the ordinary. i think there was 4 inches of ICE yeah ice! on the bridge to wales. i woke up friday morning to blizzards and a cat sat on me looking chuffed and warm. then took some rad pooches out that belong to the woman my sister is house sitting for, threw some ballllss froze my hands, all at 8am. good start to the day! recycling men were out, fair play i thought, then they said its a 1000 pound fine (that 8000 dollars) hahaa for every street they missed. on a slight camber the truck would start slipping. pretty crazy stuff. anyway, pooches safe and sound i headed off for girlfriend relaxation time. tried to go sledging but by the time we got out all parks had been rinsed, i wouldnt want to be the council worker who has to fix all those raped lawns haha.


ALAS! the following day was more successful! succulent spongy soft sweet snowy goodness was all ours! just a few acres of somersets finest, just by shepton mallet. and boy was it rad!

pitty bought his snow bike along which was sick but started fishtailing crazyily on the ice hahaa.

ben made a ski sledge which was wild! and ended up with you getting a face fulla snow by the time you got to the bottom. thing was fast tho! im calling out 30mph+ eeeezzzzz

dan brought up his inflatable, and then the kids had the car bonnet with a quad bike… uhohhhh

by far the most gnarliest though, was the humble plastic sit down sledge. thing FLEW. standard front sit down position and i was off! bit of loss of control but we made a few runs without death.

complete silence. like we were wrapped in some massive snow sound blanket.

managed to get a little bit of work done, thanks to the lads got 1/2 of  the last landing stacked in shooters. (maybe 2nd to last not sure yet!)




photos of the weekend beloowwwww



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no not a crazy bondage fetish. a big dick swinging mother fucker!


where you trails at?!



big flowy bastards

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