lots of photos of the same thing

Posted by on January 27th, 2013

this fella should be a good time! landng before needs to go up a lil but not alot of work.

pretty pumped. this is the last set in shooters that i planned to stack. a berm would be rad after it or another set… but ve got to get down the field soon and start sorting that out. im hoping the lads over there will take on everything i show them and do it themselves, then i can tweak stuff to dial it in. theres about 6 things left to do up at the woods, yea i made a list hahah. 7 days of work if im flying solo, less if i got some powaaaaaaaaaah. im super looking foprward to this year as there will be “locals” all the time im looking forward to watching the youth progress and shred everything (no pressure boys hahah)

im also investing a large chunk of cheese into a video camera and am going to smash the shit out of this uk trails dvd/bluray; “digmore for victory- army of the earth” (title subject to change hahha) so im stoked on that.

heres some 90 right hip porn for you. ohh boyyy im gonna roast some tabes on this soooooooo hardddd.


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