20th April 2008.

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April 2008

January 2013.


After discovering the location for some new trails / pumptrack, I started the original Digmore BlogSpot back in Spring 2008 purely to act as some kind of diary of the activities at the spot that would become known as the pumptrack or pumpy. Digmore the blog just hung off the back of the spot. As the pumptrack, trails and most importantly, the scene developed and solidified there must have been an undefinable point Digmore became more than a blog or a spot, but a name that became a moniker for a close knit group of friends that were involved in a larger trails scene.
There came the almost inevitable point when the ‘originals’, the guys who had practically lived at the trails for 2 – 3 years had started to move away or had started having kids, the Pumptrack was becoming harder to manage and keep in order or whatever the reason was we threw one last massive ‘Goodbye the Pumpy’ bonfire party, picked up the shovels and abandoned the spot.
The guys remaining in Bristol, myself included, started chipping in at Vinewood, it was around that time, possibly slightly earlier, we amalgamated the two blogs, Digmore and Dig for Victory under the title of Digmore For Victory. Clever huh? Maybe it was a subliminal tactic to extend the life or at least breath some life back into the dwindling Digmore site but the continuing contributions really kept alive a blog that would have run out of steam a long time ago.
But alas, the time to travel up to Vinewood to help out and the increasing pressures on my time (that getting into my late 20’s has inexorably brought) seemed to always be prohibitive against getting really stuck into helping out at Vinewood. Possibly I had been spoilt by having the Pumptrack on my doorstep, but the motivation had dropped off and I began digging less and less. Briefly revived by the new efforts started to get old pumptrack up and running again, I just couldn’t get myself excited by digging or BMX in general. Maybe the Pumptrack has too many memories or ghosts for me to be able to commit to digging down there again, maybe it just didn’t feel right, I never could put my finger on it. The love had gone, I suppose.
However by the end of 2012, for me, things have turned a corner again. Work has allowed us to dig trails on some scrap land round the back of the warehouse and the creative juices are flowing again, creating a spot on a blank canvas I am getting falling back in love with it all over again.

And so to the crux of this post, the Digmore Blog.

After numerous discussions with the ‘original’ Digmore crew, the decision has been reached to bring an end to posting on the Digmore4victory. I know on the face of it this decision maybe seem somewhat petty or bitter but I can ensure it isn’t.
It is to do with preserving a unique name against a unique period of time. A period of time during which I was actually aware I was enjoying what may prove to be among some of the happiest times in my life.
I hold nothing against anyone who is or has EVER been involved in Digmore or the pumptrack because each and every person in some way left their mark upon the legacy of Digmore and in turn Digmore left it’s mark upon them. I have met the closets friends through Digmore. I owe my job to Digmore. I have enjoyed so many good times, trips and experiences because of Digmore, anyone who was at the pumptrack during that 2 -3 year period will know what I am talking about.
History is littered with examples of great things, ideas and projects taken to far, pushed in directions never intended and the result is always negative.

I want to draw a line in the sand after Digmore now with new beginnings for us all. See you at the jumps.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

Digmore Forever.


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  • Akis | July 27th, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    im winoerdng what im winoerdng what was asked more where these jumps are or where his helmet is. holy crap cant you just scroll down and look at the 30 other ppl who asked the same q???

  • Milyausha | July 29th, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    the only thing i the only thing i dont like about his bike is his crank is noiser than most bikes and it sort of iraetatrs me but still a nice bike

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